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Bag opening Takis Fuego

Would you eat
a flame?

Chip Fuego flavor


How can we say this… Well, it’s basically like eating flames. Like lighting your tongue on fire. Why would anyone ever do that? Would you stick your face in a bonfire? We cannot stress this enough, do not stick your face into a bonfire, and more importantly, don’t eat Takis Fuego.

Takis bag Fuego flavor

Would you devour a snack that belongs behind bars?

Chip Outlaw flavor


This is one BBQ flavour you don’t want to mess with, alright? You think you can handle the heat? Not likely. We’re talking hotter than Texas in July! They should almost be illegal! If you see them on the shelves, it’s best to just keep walking. ’Cause these suckers are mean, know what I mean? Just keep your distance.

Takis bag Outlaw flavor

Would you bite

Chip Xplosion flavor


Did you know that if you eat Takis, a dog could be able to hear it from like 5 km away? It’s that crunchy! Why would you even want to bother some poor dog, just minding its own business, 5 km away? Why would you ever want to bite a stick of dynamite? It’s basically the same thing. And that’s just plain crazy. Don't do that.

Takis bag Xplosion flavor

We told you
not to eat Takis

See what happens when you do.

Intense Flavour.
An excellent reason to not eat Takis.

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Takis bag Xplosion
Takis bag Fuego

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